Coffee & Cupcakes

The stage is set.  The table with its plentiful chairs, the gathering of Jesus and His disciples, food and drink are there for all.  It was time to enjoy this famous last meal before Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice.  Ok, so maybe it wasn’t coffee & cupcakes but… Same idea right?

Throughout scriptures we hear of celebrations, feasts, food, and drink.  And…  With me being German, French, Italian, and Baptist I’m pretty sure feeding people is just in my DNA.  If you come to my house, I offer you food.  Usually something along the lines of coffee and cupcakes, because I love to bake and seem to always have a steady supply of cupcakes throughout the year. But how could God use this as a ministry to His people?

I was looking for ways to serve others while I was a busy wife and mom with a home based business.  My heart yearned to serve others, but I had no idea how!
You see, I always thought that true ministry had to be some grand gesture like selling everything and moving to Africa.  Or starting a soup kitchen!  Or writing books on how to love God more, or love others more, or love yourself more.

I knew the Holy Spirit had gifted me with the gift of encouragement.  I don’t know why, or how, but for some reason this woman inside me who had struggled with depression, anxiety, and PTSD all her life…  The one who often struggled with seeing nothing but darkness, had turned into someone who could find the tiniest sliver of light on a dark night and magnify it into guiding light.  But how I could use that gift?  What was I supposed to do?

So one day God sent me to see my pastor and, while talking to him and sharing my desires, he offered me this piece of affirmation.  My pastor encouraged me that my open door that filled cups with coffee also filled hearts with hope.  And that was just as important a ministry as anything else I could do.

All I Need is a Little Bit of Coffee & a Whole Lot of Jesus

This new found way of service started to really take off for me.  I had always loved feeding people, and coffee dates always nourished my soul, so it made sense that it did so for others as well!  So I started looking for God in the times that I spent with others, and often times He showed up in mighty and unexpected ways!  Just as Jesus took 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread and fed the 5000 men who were led to Him.

Even though I felt like I had nothing to offer (kind of like the disciples in this story), the Holy Spirit led people to me who needed their hearts filled just as much as their coffee cups.

▪ Wives who needed encouragement in their marriages.
▪ Mothers whose hearts ached for their children.
▪ Women who needed a friend to listen to their struggles.
▪ Hearts, just like mine, that longed to do more, but struggled to see how.

The most beautiful thing about this new found ministry is that my heart was often filled in the process too. God used my service to others as a way to fill me up as well!  God was blessing this new ministry with every “next right thing” that I did.  And He continued to grow my new passion, and inspired a new vision.

Coffee and cupcakes.  That’s how the Coffee Date Disciple began!  A gentle God leading a woman with a big heart to a service that can be done anywhere.

So let me leave you with this:
Spending time with others over coffee and cupcakes is every bit as important a ministry as saving children in Africa if that’s what God has called you to.
So ask God to guide you to your ministry.  It might be unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard of…  But, then again, you are unlike anyone who has ever walked this Earth before.  So maybe your calling is just as beautifully unique.

Just a thought…

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