I Am Not The Main Character

One of my biggest struggles as a Christ follower is following Christ in the work place. I am a critical care nurse and anyone who has watched hospital drama TV shows or worked in a hospital KNOWS it is not the Godliest work atmosphere out there. Sometimes my job is full of life or death situations, and sometimes it’s just full of annoying, confused, and controlling people. The stress level is often high for families, nurses, and doctors. It’s such a complex career. Sometimes I just don’t want to be there because I’d rather be doing “ministry.” (how ironic, right?) It’s essentially the perfect environment and set of circumstances for Satan to convince me to forget my true purpose on Earth, which is to honor God with my words and actions, and to point others towards Him no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

I’m continuously learning from the high school girls I spend time mentoring and teaching. Mentees have no idea how much they unknowingly hold us mentors accountable to Godly choices and actions. In a small group I lead every other Wednesday night for our youth, one of the girls mentioned she decided to focus on a phrase that week:

“I am not the main character.”

Boom. How simple, yet so notable.

I pondered the quote later that week in my quiet time with God. He reminded me of the scripture below:

“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.”
Colossians 3:23-24

I realized each time I was convicted of my “un-Christ-like” ways at work I would always relate it to my self-proposed inability to show others “I’m different!” That’s the call often from the pulpit right, Christians? “Be different so others ask, why?” And then ultimately you can share Jesus with them. Truthfully, this always bothered me. I always felt like 1. Nobody has EVER asked me why I was different and 2. I just knew I must not act very different then! Haha! But this quote and this verse… They took me to a different level of understanding from God. He is the main character and I’m merely a supporting role here to make Him glorified whether others see that or not. A weight is lifted off my shoulders. Every action is literally FOR Him, not ever FOR men. Can other people come into knowledge about Him through my actions? Yes. Are my actions for them though? No. Even more difficult to ask, are my actions for myself? Definitely not.

Being a critical care nurse sounds fancy… it’s really not. It’s merely a sliver of one of God’s attributes in us, His creation. The essence of my entire being represents Him. I’m created in His image. The fact that I love to care for people, that’s a reflection of His love for us. The fact that I can help save lives with the use of crazy intricate machinery and medications is due to the reflection of God’s creativity in the minds of inventors. The fact that adrenaline pumps through my blood in an instant and gives me the energy to jump into life-saving action is a reflection of God’s complex design of our bodies. Do you see where I’m going with this? EVERYTHING we do is a reflection of Him if we so chose to see it that way.

Do it ALL for Him, heartily, not for others.

It goes beyond not having a bad attitude in front of others and acting “perfectly” Christ-like in each situation to avoid “ruining my witness.” He is the main character, not me.

God never mentions the reward from man, only from Him in the form of inheritance in His future Kingdom. We may never even receive the reward immediately here on Earth… and we need to be ok with that. We may never be asked, “why are you different?” and again, we as Christians need to be ok with that.

Our role is to act in such a way that His attributes and truth are PRESENT and SOMETIMES, MAYBE they will be seen, known and understood by others.

We serve the Lord Christ, not man, including ourselves.

We are not the main Character, let’s stop trying to act like we are.

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