What If

What if we exploited each other’s strengths, rather than dwell on the differences?
What if we saw crushed doubts empowering our destiny’s?
What if we bought into the truth rather than spending time believing the lies?
What if we trusted the calling rather then doubting the qualifications?
What if we ignored fear and acknowledged faith?
What if we let go of our insecurities and embraced our God-given beauty?
What if we denied our excuses and accepted the challenge?
What if we went instead of waiting?
What if we chose joy rather than settling for defeat?
What if we saw “failures” as the stepping stones to success?
What if we prayed for each other rather than judging each other?
What if we viewed the impossible as an opportunity to embrace the journey?
What if we believed in the Promise rather than fearing our future?
What if we grafted to grow rather than wilting alone?
What if rejoiced in each other’s accomplishments rather than be jealous of their achievements?
What if we encouraged each other’s unique journey rather than comparing our path to theirs?
What if we expected greatness rather than settling for mediocre?
What if we got involved rather than waiting by the sidelines.
What if we got rid of the what if?

By Heather Holden & Michelle Rocker

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