The Conductor

The silence is deafening as He walks to the stand.
Poised and confident, He raises His hand.
Tap, tap, tap – a quiet proclamation,
He’s ready to start – a divine conversation.
A conversation with music and words; yet sometimes without.
It’s in those moments of silence, we’re tempted to doubt.
His kindness and goodness, His purpose and love;
Forgetting He’s call us to focus above.
Not down here on Earth, where evil abounds,
But in Heaven with Him where His peace is found.
Eyes on the conductor as the music softly begins;
The first strains of a melody only He understands.
The musicians – His children – He delights in each one.
Each a necessary part of the symphonic song.
With precision and grace, the music rises and falls
Every heart in tune as the Conductor calls.
Some to play quietly, if only for a season;
Some to play loudly – the Conductor knows the reason.
For each note that is played is never a waste.
Because each note has a purpose, a specific place,
As a part of His plan of Mercy and Grace.
A plan that includes the whole human race,
For He loves us, each one, and died for us all,
Even when confused, and we stumble and fall.
His perfect ear hears the dissonant note.
He hears every tear and knows how each heart broke.
He expertly weaves our sorrows and fears
Into a part of the melody meant for His ears.
As He tenderly mends our hearts with His love,
We remember again to focus above.
Our conductor is not finished and our song is not done.
There is more to be played; more hearts to be won.
As each musician focuses on his or her part,
He binds us together – one purpose, one heart.
He closes His eyes and a smile graces His face,
As each of His children recognizes their place.
Side by side with each other as we follow him;
A beautiful harmony, a beautiful hymn.
You’re a part of His symphony, I can’t fail to mention.
The Conductor is waiting, does He have your attention?

By Heather Holden

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